New Business Advisory and Incorporation

Massachusetts incorporations

As a new business owner, you're responsible for making many financial decisions that can have a potentially positive or negative impact on your success. Selecting the best structure for your business is one of the more important choices you need to make because choosing the wrong entity type could cause you to lose a big chunk of your profits to taxes. We provide business incorporation services for retail store owners and can steer you toward the entity that will minimize your tax burden. Our knowledgeable financial professionals will clearly explain all your options so you'll feel confident that you've made the right choice.

In addition to incorporation, Simon CPAs provides essential tax advisory services for new retail businesses like obtaining permits and tax ID numbers such as EIN Number and Sales Tax Permits. We make it our goal to anticipate your tax needs ahead of time so your new business can avoid overpaying taxes or incurring tax penalties.

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Advisory Services for Retail Businesses

  • Entity selection and incorporation services
  • S Corporation Election
  • Tax planning strategies for new businesses
  • Annual Minutes preparation
  • Business and Corporation/LLC Dissolution Services
  • Statement of Information preparation and filing
  • Help obtaining permits and tax ID numbers such as EIN Number and Sales Tax Permits